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Our school

801-476-3920 |  955 W 12th St, Ogden, UT 84404

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Horizon Academy is a safe-school location that serves 7th-12th grades.  Students are assigned to attend Horizon Academy by the Student Services Department of Weber School District. 


Students are expected to complete specific behavioral, academic, and attendance contracts.  Upon successful completion, students may return to their home school or another placement in the district.


The YIC classroom is also located on the Horizon Academy Safe School Campus.  A typical stay for these students is about six months, but some may stay for an entire school year depending on their individual needs.


Please call 801-476-3935 with any further questions.




Grace Nielsen
Horizons Academy Jr High School Teacher


Nikki Bachman
  Horizons Academy High School Teacher


Dyan Dickamore


Chris Johnson
  Horizons Academy Math


Grace Nielsen   Nikki Bachman    Dyan Dickamore   Chris Johnson 

Jennifer Speer
  Horizons Academy Para Professional


Susan Pfeifer
  Horizons Academy Para Professional


Steve Goode
  Horizons Academy Para Professional


Tasha Henry
  Horizons Academy English

Jennifer Speer   Susan Pfeifer   Steve Goode   Tasha Henry



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