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801-476-3920 |  955 W 12th St, Ogden, UT 84404

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New Pathways School serves students age 16-18.  New Pathways classes are located at Two Rivers Adult Learning Center.


New Pathways is a district drop-out intervention and credit recovery program serving students who are significantly deficient in credits towards a possible on-time graduation with their cohort class.


Students also have the option of returning to their home high school or Two Rivers High School once students have recovered credits necessary to put them on track for graduation.


Please call 801-476-3935 with any further questions.




Derrick Gainsforth
  Program Advisor/English

      Russell Jessop
  US History 
      Jennifer Stone
  Language Arts 
      Tanya Hunt
 Hali Larsen
      Marlynn Larsen

  Para Professional
Derrick Gainsforth   Russell Jessop   Jennifer Stone     0117 HUNT TANYA 01   0024 LARSEN HALI 01     0025 LARSEN MARLYNN 01





New Pathways Press is a student-driven journalism program, producing multimedia content, created by students in the New Pathways program at Two Rivers. Our alternative student journalists write news articles and film a quarterly news program covering the latest events and stories at Two Rivers High.


Check out New Pathways Press here: NP Press | Alternative Student Journalism (


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