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This year, Weber School District CTE Construction classes built a series of tiny homes to put up for auction!


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Left to right: Cameron Walker, Dalton Richmond, Ryan Ortega in front of the tiny home they helped build!

New Pathways Press is a student-driven journalism program, producing multimedia content, created by students in the New Pathways program at Two Rivers. Our alternative student journalists write news articles and film a quarterly news program covering the latest events and stories at Two Rivers High.
Coming soon!
2021-2022 Two Rivers High School will be offering a Certified Nursing Assistant program through the Ogden-Weber Technical College (OWTC).
As a valuable member of the healthcare team, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) work under the direction of a licensed nurse performing basic duties in a variety of settings including: long term care & assisted living facilities, hospitals, clinics, home health care & hospice. The OWTC Nursing Assistant Program prepares students with the skills needed to obtain vital signs and assist patients with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating and toileting while focusing on safety, infection control and professionalism. 
Stay tuned for more information or visit
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Dear Students and Families,

Back in October, I was presented with an opportunity from a friend of mine, Amir Jackson, the founder and director of Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation. A magazine was to be published by the Ogden Downtown Alliance, and distributed in the Ogden area. The magazine would be a reflection of local experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. I was told that they were looking for student work, to give young people a voice to the experience as well. If their works were chosen, the students would be published AND paid for their work!
First, I prompted my students to think about the way Covid-19 has affected their lives so far. We talked about quarantining, working through the pandemic, and the toilet paper shortage. Then, students were given the task of showing their experience through poetry- specifically, through Haiku, a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haikus are challenging to write, because you are asked to tell a story, invoke emotion, or share a feeling in only three short lines.
Once the students finished with their poetry assignment, they were then given the choice: Would they like to submit their poem to possibly be published in the magazine? Out of the many submissions, only 6 students’ poems were chosen to be published in the magazine. The magazine has been printed and distributed. If you have received this letter, that means that YOUR poem was chosen for publication.
We received a check for $75. Divided amongst the six of you, you will each be receiving $12.50. Not too bad for your first paid writing job.
You are officially a published writer. You can say so to your friends and family. You can put it in your bio. You can include it on your resume. Believe me when I say, I am so proud of you. Written expression is such an important aspect of human communication. The words that you wrote inspired people, or made them feel connected, or helped them understand things they needed to understand.
Keep communicating.
Keep writing.
Keep sharing your stories.

Your voices deserve to be heard.


Jenny Stone
English Teacher
Two Rivers High School

The Covid Experience

Voices from Two Rivers



Essential worker

People yelling about masks

Don’t get paid enough

-MaryKate M.-


The isolation

Fearful of another breath

No faces, just eyes

-Marshall M.-


People wearings masks

It became a task

How long will this last?

-Josh M.-


March was made with fear

Empty shelves and barren roads

Changed us forever

-William C.-


Covid hits and reaps

Riots in the streets

Families cry and weep

-Collin S.-


Coming together

Coming apart, sad to say

Protests keep us sane

-Riley B.-

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