Regular attendance and prompt at arrival school are vital for student success. Students attending Two Rivers High School are expected to arrive on time and attend class daily. Parents play a critical role in helping Two Rivers students arrive at school on time. The bell for first period rings at 7:40 am. Students are marked tardy if they are in not in class at 7:45 am. 

Two Rivers High School students do not accrue attendance credit loss if they are not attending class regularly. However, if a student is absent or tardy (any combination of the two) 8 times in any class during a mini-term that class will be dropped from the students schedule. There are very few circumstances under which a student is allowed to exceed 8 absences and still retain credit for a class. If you have any questions or concerns about the attendance policy, please call the school and speak to a counselor or an administrator. Students and parents will be notified when a class is being dropped.  

We believe that Two Rivers students must demonstrate a committment to regular and prompt attendance in order to be successful at Two Rivers High. 


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