School Policy


Respect the Rights of Others: No one has the right to interfere with or disrupt the education of others.

Attend School Daily: In Utah, a student is required to attend school until the age of 18. Schools cannot educate students and teachers cannot give passing grades to students who do not regularly attend and participate in class.

Be on Time for All Classes: Students who enter a classroom after the lesson has begun are interfering with the rights of others to learn and study. Punctuality is a habit, develop it.

Obey School Rules: Rules, regulations, and established procedures are designed to enable the school to meet its obligation to educate each student. The school cannot achieve this task if school personnel have to spend much of their time in maintaining order.

Complete all In-Class and Homework Assignments and

Deadlines: Paying attention to assignments and allotting time to complete assignments so they can be turned in on time is important.

Come to Class Prepared with the Necessary Books and Materials: An individual student cannot receive a quality education if they do not fulfill their responsibility of proper preparation.

Respect Public and Personal Property and Return All Materials and Equipment: Students are encouraged to be proud of the school and protect it.

The following standards have been developed and reviewed by parents, students, and staff. They are meant to help us understand expectations necessary to success at Two Rivers. 



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