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Meeting Agenda Jan 2021

Community Council Agenda

Two Rivers High School

January 12th, 2021

  • Counselors

               ○ Anneke Petersen and Joel Robins

  • State Trust Lands Website Delays

               ○ Access to the website is going to be delayed approximately 6 weeks from the

                 original date of January 15th.

               ○ Final Reports and Upcoming School Plans will be available once the website

                  comes back online.

               ○ We can continue our work, the website just won’t be available yet

  • Review Trust Lands Budget

               ○ Make amendment

               ○ How will we spend the $16,000 that was allocated for a student advocate salary?

                          ■ Summer school funding

                          ■ Technology

  • Graduation Rate for 2019-2020 school year

               ○ 90% Two Rivers High School!

  • Ideas for next year's Trust Lands Plan

               ○ Approximately $25,000

  • Follow up on question from last meeting

               ○ TRHS moving into higher education