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Meeting Minutes October 2021

Community Council Agenda

Two Rivers High School

October 26th, 2021 

What is my role on the Community Council?

  • Chair/parent
  • Vice Chair/parent
  • 2 Additional Parent Representatives
  • 1 Teacher
  • Principal
    • Must be 2 more parent representatives than school representatives
    • Participate in creating the Trust Lands Plan 

Review last years data for student performance

  • Increase graduation rate (rates have not been released yet)
    • TRHS had a 90% graduation rate in 2020
  • 150 graduates from Two Rivers High School and New Pathways 

Presentation on School Improvement Plan and Process

  • See attachment in email for ESSA School Improvement Plan
  • Progress Monitoring Meetings (spring 2020, fall 2020, fall 2021) 

Review last year's Trust Lands plan and financials

  • Plan attached

Review this year’s Trust Lands plan and financials

  • See attachment for the 21-22 school year Trust Lands Plan 

Council Signature Form

  • Email was sent for the council signature form 

Trust Lands Training

Discussion on student internet safety training

  • Bark
  • WSD filters
  • Students receive curriculum instruction from their teachers during the first few weeks of school. The curriculum teaches them about internet safety.


Anneke Petersen

Joel Robins

  • Credit Recovery
  • Focus on the Future Workshops 
    • WSU (18 students)
    • Marines (Students)
  • Lunch with Professionals with CTE
  • Juniors were extremely credit deficient and are making good progress.
  • 7 grads this mini term