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Meeting Minutes Jan 2020

Community Council Meeting Minutes


  • Discussion on 19-20 Trust Lands Goals and action steps
    • Increase our graduation rate by 5% by increasing our number of students meeting credit requirements.
    • Action Plan Steps
    • 1. Student Advocate  to work with at-risk students who are falling behind academically and track progress towards graduation. $14,000.00
    • 2. Computer lab lease to support student learning and credit recovery. $4,800.00
    • 3. Technology to support student learning and teacher instruction. (Projectors, Chromebooks, document cameras). $5,000.00
    • 4.  Purchase curriculum, manipulatives and other classroom supplies to improve student learning. $500.00.
    • 5. Professional development for teachers, counselors and administrators on best practices for student learning in an alternative school setting. $1,000.00
    • 6. Improve student credit recovery by providing online credit recovery option by purchasing online credit recovery program licenses with EdGenuity. $5,500.00.  Purchase ALEKS licenses to aide students with improving math skills necessary to complete math course requirements. $2,000.00
    • Additional funds will be used to support goal #1 by purchasing Chromebooks, projectors and other technology to support student learning. Professional development and mini grants for teachers to support student learning. Additional funds may also be used to support goal #2 to provide additional licenses for online curriculum.
  • Trust Lands Budget 19-20
    • On track for spending
    • Student advocate salary monthly
    • Computer lab lease paid $4,800
    • Technology has been purchased throughout the year. $5,000 allocation has been spent
    • Edgenuity licenses were purchased for $5,500.00
  • Graduation Rate for school year 18-19 was 84%! An increase from 48%
  • Professional Development Day is on January 10th - we will have Louis Mangione returning for the day to continue with differentiated instruction and strategies for teachers. This training aligns with the school improvement plan that was developed by TRHS school leadership team under the ESSA and school improvement process.
  • Two Rivers School Improvement Plan Review and Discuss:
    • School Vision: Two Rivers High School is committed to the whole child by providing an educational environment where each student feels safe, valued, and can achieve graduation, which empowers them to transition to their future.
    • Goal 1: Provide professional learning that is differentiated, based on needs of instructional staff and student performance data to promote deeper knowledge of the Utah Core Standards and effective, evidence-based, content-specific pedagogy.


  • Goal 2: Instructional staff consistently provides additional evidence-based instruction, intervention, and enhanced learning opportunities, as needed, for continuous improvement for each student.