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Meeting Minutes Oct 2020

Community Council Meeting


2:30 pm

Attendance:  Nicole Meibos, Ryan Stokes, Karen Barras, Roger Smout

Absent:  Dianna Hunt, Judy Dahle


Went over 19-20 Trustlands budget, any changes will be voted on and sent to the state


Trustlands has to be in an academic status, we should have the graduation rate soon, the 20-21 Trustlands plan indicates a 2% increase in graduation from 19-20.


There is $16,000.00 that was earmarked for a Student Advocate, that position has turned into a teaching position and is funded by the district office.  

Possible places to be spent: 

  1. Chromebooks
  2. Edgenuity
  3. Technology
  4. Classroom Curriculum

Committee will discuss these options and make a decision


It was asked what the role of the Community Council was: They all agreed that the committee was valid and wanted to discuss things and be informed. 


Last year the teachers were given a survey on what they would like to have as their goals:

The #1 goal was Professional Development.  


Catapult Learning does quarterly check ins to see how we are progressing


Student online safety: All students go through a curriculum in class and BARK is monitoring student accounts.   WSD has filters to protect our students. 


We have tours to Ogden Technical College and Military Recruitment that come to TRHS



  1. What percent of our students go on to college? (Karen Barras)
  2. Percent of them gainfully employed? (Karen Barras)

These questions will be answered at our next meeting


January we will talk about writing the 21-22 school Trustlands.