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Meeting Minutes Jan 2021

Community Council 01-12-21


Attendees:    Nicole, Anneke, Joel, Karen Barres, Roger Smout, Kari


Counselling:    They are doing great things….

  • Graduating students
  • Meditation with Horizon students weekly
  • Drop in meditation ‘Free your mind Fridays’ Staff & Students
  • Meditation/Relaxation for Staff
  • Doing health and well being
  • Guided Relaxation
  • Friday Music for staff
  • Healthy Relationships for students
  • Career online resource center for Students (coming soon)



        TL report is delayed for 6 weeks from Jan 15 (Feb 26)

        19-20    90% Graduation rate

        Possible CARES $ coming, if not TL for summer school 20-21

  • Mr. Smout would like to see more audio books, possible audible?    Thank you for the easy communication
  • Stokes:  Technology & Summer school

New TL plan coming in the next few weeks per Mrs. Meibos


 Feedback from previous Community Council Meeting:

2018-2019 students who go onto college or the ATC




Next meeting March 2nd 2:30